Social commitment

We believe that we are responsible today for tomorrow and we also believe that giving back to the community is a duty for us all. We are actively involved in the initiatives of our community and in the education of our children. We are privileged to be able to constantly help children with disabilities or special needs (such as Autism or Down syndrome) in our community, through active collaboration with Special Primary and Middle School of Radauti and also with some organizations in the field. In their education and care there are involved special and dedicated people we stand by and meet their everyday needs.
We are also sensitive to the material needs faced by the Child Care Centre, where 120 children and young people are cared for and supported, lacking material resources or disorganized families. Their challenges are countless and our company choses to stand by.
We value education and we believe that no one should be deprived of it. We constantly work with educational institutions in our community and we are always open to sponsorships or scholarships dedicated not only to children with financial difficulties but also to those with a higher potential who will honour us in the future.

Alexiana Group