Vertical blinds

With an extended lifespan, vertical blinds are a modern and elegant shading element. Available in over 120 patterns and colours, vertical blinds can be easily adapted to commercial or residential spaces, successfully replacing classic shading systems. They are practical, elegant and easy to install and maintain!
Vertical blinds
Always elegant, vertical blinds have always been the best choice for controlling the brightness in any space.
Extremely practical and easy to maintain, vertical blinds are a very important element used for decorating both residential and commercial spaces, successfully replacing classic curtains or draperies.
Alexiana Group provides a wide range of colours and textures.

Technical details
Technical specifications

»Size of the bands: 127 mm
» Weight: 158 – 280 g
»Thickness: 0,25 – 0,60 mm
Maximum available sizes, specific to the chosen model and configuration.

Vertical blinds
Vertical Semi-Round
Wavy waves

There is the possibility of hue differences for the same colour. This aspect always occurs when different batches are involved.

o Aluminium casing gallery
o White gallery
o Opacity: light colours between 0% and 45%
o Opacity: dark colours between 0% and 30%
o Absorption of light: light colours between 12% and 47%
o Absorption of light: dark colours between 44% and 84.5%
o Reflection of light: open colours between 34% and 60.7%
o Reflection of light: dark colours between 12% and 32%

Clean with a vacuum cleaner or a damp sponge (place the fabric on a flat surface) using a mild detergent. Do not rub, do not squeeze, do not bend.
Do not use bleach, do not dry clean, do not iron. Do not put the material into the washing machine. For the Quebec model, avoid contact with water.


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