Roller Garage Doors

As for the sectional garage doors, roller doors provide elegance, comfort and, last but not least, safety. Available in a wide range of colours and wood textures, roller garage doors fit perfectly into the unitary design of our homes. Easy to install, both on the inside and the outside, are very silent and provide increased accessibility along with maximum use of the garage space.
The manufacture of aluminium slats of non-rusting material significantly increases the life of the finished product. Roller garage doors have both acoustic and thermal insulation and anti-burglary properties.

Roller garage doors
Technical details
Maximum available sizes, expressed in (mm) specific to the configuration
» 3000 X 3400 » 5000 X 2400
» 3400 X 2400 » 5000 X 3000
» 3500 X 2400 » 5000 X 3400
» 4000 X 4400

» manual, by spring torsion
» electric with remote control
Zinc plated steel rolling systems and roller bearings.
The electric version of the automatic garage door is provided with manual switchover in case of electricity failure.

Optionally, can be equipped with:
– remote control
– electro-optical barrier
– key switch
– 1 or 2-channel unit
– warning light
– profile with air vents
– translucent profile for illumination

There is the possibility of hue differences for the same colour. This aspect always occurs when different batches are involved

o Aluminium profiles 55×14 mm
o CFC-free polyurethane foam padding
o Aluminium guide rail system
o Aluminium winding spindle
o Optional: Finelite blade with Renolit foil
o Electrically operated tube motor

Use neutral detergent/soap. Clean the dust with a soft cloth. Clean the stains with a cloth moistened in a soapy water solution, bleach free. Washing with water jet is forbidden because the motor can be short-circuited. Avoid electric water pressure washers.
Avoid strong and abrasive detergents.
If the power is cut off, the manual operation of the door will be switched on automatically. Follow the steps as instructed by the technicien team that performed the installation.
We recommend regular lubrication of the mechanical system.
The best recommendation for incrising product’s life is prevention. Depending on the average usage of the garage doors, we recommend regular inspections. For uses of about 5 (five) cycles per day we recommend an annual inspection.

Most projects are different and we want to adapt to each situation. That is why we should be asked for a personalized offer.

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