Horizontal Blinds

Available in a wide range of colours, aluminium horizontal blinds represent the optimal shading solution for residential and commercial spaces.

Horizontal blinds
The blades of horizontal blinds are made of adonised aluminium painted in electrostatic field 25 mm wide and 0.21 mm thick. The gallery is made of galvanized steel painted in electrostatic field, available in all the colours of the blades.
As optional accessories, you can choose the masking profile in white or dark brown colors and fastening clamps on the bottom.

Technical details
o Manual operation
o Anodized aluminium blades
o Galvanized steel gallery
o Gallery, strings and ladders in matching colours with the blades
o Optional: masking gallery
o Optional: bottom fastening clamps
o Various colours available (58 RAL colors)

Width of the lamella: 25 mm
Thickness of the lamella: 0,21mm

There is the possibility of hue differences for the same colour. This aspect always occurs when different batches are involved

Stains on the lamellas or galleries of the blinds can be easily removed with alcohol. Dust can be wiped off with a soft cloth. In inaccessible spots, dust can be removed by a soft brush or q vacuum cleaner.
Horizontal blinds will not be cleaned by friction and no bleaching agents may be used due to potential damage of the dyed parts, especially cords or ladders.
Most projects are different and we want to adapt to each situation. That is why we should be asked for a personalized offer.


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