Manually or electrically operated, awnings can be used to shade balconies, shop windows, terraces or recreational areas.
As optional accessories, the wind sensor has a very important role because it provides the protection of the sunshade to the strong wind, automatically closing the awning’s arms in case of extreme wind. The sun sensor ensures the automatic opening of the sunshade at a pre-set intensity of light.

Technical details
Technical specifications
Types of materials
acrylic fabric in stripes
Single coloured acrylic fabric
high waterproofing
polyester * single colour PVC

┬╗Manual crank
┬╗ electric with switch or remote control
– Axis and Axis-H motors
– Nemo motors
– Transmitter
– Control units with remote-controlled receivers
– Wire control
– Weather sensors

There is the possibility of hue differences for the same colour. This aspect always occurs when different batches are involved.

o Structure made of steel profiles
o High resistance to permeability
o High resistance to breakage in length and width
o Quality materials treated with Teflon and Scotchguard
o Mounting wall brackets included in the price
o Optional: automation, wind / sun sensor, crank, guard.

Before washing the awning, disconnect it from the power supply. Cleaning the impurities can be done with a vacuum cleaner or a fine brush. Periodically, wash the fabric with clean water and mild detergent at max 30 oC water temperature. After washing, the fabric must be dried and only after that, the awning can be closed. For protection purposes, all Acryl fabrics are impregnated with Teflon or Scotchgard. Please note that acid rains, animal dirt or chemical scouring can destroy this protective layer.
Avoid strong chemicals or chlorine-based solutions.
All mechanical components of the awning should be lightly lubricated 2 times a year, before and after the summer season.


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