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Here, you find everything for your home! Both our products for interior (modem shading systems, insect screens) and exterior (sunshades, roller shutters, garage doors, PVC and Aluminium joinery and curtain walls) are carefully tailored for both residential and industrial buildings. Because we have always wanted our products to provide quality and innovation, we only work with top suppliers in Europe. This thing is constantly found in the durability of finished products with a low maintenance degree, adding extra comfort.



Available in a wide variety of designs and colours, Alexiana products can be easily integrated in the design of our homes. Our professional team can help you make the ideal choice for you through tailor-made solutions and we are always concerned about innovation and diversification.



The growth and creation of a team of professionals is one of our main goals! Constant training of Alexiana staff is an indicator of performance and quality within a company. The notions of seriousness, quality and professionalism are part of our system of values, and the care for our customers and collaborators is absolute.

For this purpose:

– we have performing measurement, installation and intervention teams;

– we always provide professional solutions and interventions;

– we have created a department of complaints;

– we work in the most modern production areas with the best equipment;

– we test the products before delivery through the quality management system;

– we professionally pack the products delivered in a timely manner all over the country;

– we are committed to good communication and quality service to our customers.



Our machinery and spaces allow us both to provide a wide variety of products and to store them in perfect conditions, thus reducing the time for meeting orders. We have a distribution network across Romania, guaranteeing the speed and safety of delivered products so that we can meet all our customers’ requests in a timely manner.


– we provide competitive products on the domestic and international market;

– our products have an excellent price-quality ratio

– we have performing measurement, installation and intervention teams in all regions of the country;

– we provide the safest warranties;

– we provide post-warranty services and technical assistance

– we test our products before delivery through the quality management system.

Alexiana provides safety and professionalism as well as elegance and comfort of our homes!



Since 2001, due to the development of activity and production capacity, ALEXIANA GROUP has begun to be present in all the industry reference charts, and has almost always been awarded the first prize for the Small and Medium Enterprises category in its field of activity.


This is a recognition of our activity, confirmed by diplomas and trophies awarded over time.

Alexiana Group